August at the office: how to benefit?

August is one of the most unproductive months of the year in the office as much of the workforce chooses this month to enjoy their vacations.

Without going any further, the most recent study on economic activity in offices carried out by the consulting firm Grand Thornton, reports that 18% of companies closed during the month of August or kept their offices as low as possible; while 45% of companies experience a drop in their work rate, albeit in a phased manner. It should be noted that we are faced with a spread of vacations throughout the year, however, August remains the month par excellence for the holidays, in large part because of the school break and the needs of the family workers.

It should also be said that 37% of companies saw their activity increase during this period, in particular those related to the tourism, travel, insurance and mobility sectors.

Five tips for ‘los rodriguez’ from the office in August

If you’re one of those who stay at work in August and see how the office is emptying, Lexington, the coworking space company in Madrid and Barcelona specializing in flexible working arrangements, gives you five tips to make sure you can better take advantage of time and that neither you nor your team find themselves deadlocked to resume the usual rhythm in September.

1. The best time for a tune-up

Over the course of the year, thousands of emails accumulate in our inbox, between read and unread, which take up very valuable space and which can become a headache in terms of storage capacity if they are not deleted. In this time of less work, we can spend a few minutes reviewing those emails and deleting the ones we no longer need. Plus, it’s also a good time to pick up on tasks that have been delayed during the year and plan for the new start of the course to start in September with all the “homework” done.

2. Take the opportunity to stand out

Especially if you are one of the younger ones and have had to stay in the office, you can take the time to do more rewarding tasks for your business. If the bosses are not there and you find yourself in a crisis, take the opportunity and bring out your leadership qualities.

3. Schedule outdoor meetings

If you are lucky enough to have an office with outdoor spaces like terraces and all you have to do is meet with a client or your team, take the opportunity to leave the office and have this meeting in a more relaxed way. Of course, still with all anti-ovid security measures.

4. Learn

If it isn’t a lot of work, you can always take the time to practice. Most agreements provide for the worker to undergo training during working hours, as far as this has to do with his position. You can use these newly learned skills to improve certain aspects of the business so that sales or processes are carried out more efficiently.

5. Plan your office renovation

A good office, with good service and flexible terms, can reduce costs for the business, while adding convenience for employees. August is a good time to look for more flexible options for September or early next year. Companies providing flexible offices in Spain usually have a large number of inquiries during this month. From Lexington, they confirm that September is one of the months when more new customer entries are occurring in their flexible spaces. In addition, after the most critical period of the pandemic, many companies of all sizes are opting for this type of flex environment, also called coworking or business centers, because it represents a clear optimization of costs, the elimination of long periods of work. ‘hiring. and access to hybrid office arrangements which allow the establishment of a mixed system between teleworking and face-to-face work.

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