Auren creates the technical office for the management of European funds ‘Auren Next Generation EU’

Auren creates the technical office for the management of European funds ‘Auren Next Generation EU’

The professional services firm Auren has created “Auren Next Generation EU”, a technical office to help private organizations and public administrations to benefit from and obtain support from the European “Next Generation” recovery plan.

One of the main areas of focus of the new office will be SMEs, which will also help develop projects funded by Europe.

“The arrival of European funds from next year will be essential for SMEs, which must restructure, digitize and develop internationally. We cannot forget that SMEs represent the commercial fabric of our country, so they must support each other in a decisive way ”, declared Mario Alonso, President of Auren.

The new business unit is headed by Eduardo Romero, managing partner of the company’s consulting firm and with extensive experience in securing and managing European funds. Romero leads a multidisciplinary team of 40 people made up of professionals from different divisions and fields: the field of specialized advice in European funds; consulting in digitization and IT processes; the field of internationalization, human resources; the division of lawyers and tax advisers; Corporate audit. In this way, the firm will be able to provide a comprehensive and transversal service to clients, addressing all aspects related to obtaining and managing funds.

Designing strategies for accessing funds, identifying projects eligible for funding or grants, preparing and adapting projects to EU requirements and conditions or managing legal, regulatory or fiscal issues , are some of the services that will be offered from the new office.

Auren currently manages more than € 1,300 million of European funds for public administrations and participates in a multitude of projects with SMEs from European funds in all the Autonomous Communities.

Auren has 15 offices in Spain and an international network with an office in Brussels and a presence in 70 other countries around the world.

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