Australia: Female Passenger Vagina Examination: Intensive Investigation of Private Part of Female Passengers on 10 Planes in Qatar, Provoked Australia – Australia Says Women on 10 Flights from Qatar Vagina were Invasively Examined in Doha

Strong points:

Aggressive investigation into private part of female passengers at Doha airport led to Gayadoha controversy
An aggressive investigation into the private part of female passengers at Doha Airport in Qatar has led to controversy. The Australian Foreign Minister strongly opposed this. Australia’s Foreign Minister said the female passengers of 10 passenger planes had been forcibly investigated. Not only that, the female passengers were forced to disembark from the Qatar Airways plane bound for Sydney and their private parts were thoroughly investigated.

In fact, an unborn baby was found in the toilet at the Qatar airport, after which the Doha airport authorities forced the women to forcibly examine the private part. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne told a Senate hearing that a total of 10 female airplane passengers had to be searched, which is completely worrying and aggressive.

Diplomatic dispute between Australia and Qatar
The Australian Foreign Minister said on October 18, 18 women visiting Sydney and other foreign travelers, including French women, were victims of the investigation. He did not say where the other passengers were going. After this incident, there was a diplomatic dispute between Australia and Qatar. Australia has filed a protest against the incident.

Australian authorities are working closely with other countries where women have been victims of such abuse. Australia is seeking to raise this issue jointly with Qatar. Australia’s Foreign Minister said she was awaiting the report. Previously, Doha’s Hamad Airport had confirmed that the incident had taken place. However, he declined to give detailed details. The airport has requested that the child’s mother show up and take him away.

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