australia galaxy map telescope: powerful telescope mapped 3 million galaxies in record time, obtained ‘google map of the universe’ – australian telescope maps 30 lakh galaxies in record time leading to a map of the universe universe

Australian scientists have mapped 3 million galaxies at record speed using a new and powerful telescope. Scientists call it the “Google Map of the Universe”. The Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) is a radio telescope located in Western Australia. He mapped these galaxies in just 300 hours. It used to take years to do so much work.

Atlas of the Universe
According to the Australian scientific agency CSIRO, the result of this investigation has become an atlas of the universe. CSIRO developed and operates the telescope. CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall released a statement on Tuesday, saying: “ASKAP is using the latest science and technology to find answers to age-old questions related to the mysteries of the universe and give astronomers around the world new opportunities to solve their challenges. ” This was the case.

Sky photo

Never seen such a sky before
83% of all of our sky is visible on the new map. The galaxy seems like it has never been seen before. CSIRO Senior Astronomer David McConnell said scientists expect millions of galaxies to be found in future ASKAP studies. Astronomers around the world will find new data on “the knowledge of the unknown universe and the formation of stars, from the interactions of the galaxy and the giant black hole”.

ASKAP is made up of around 36 satellite dishes that take pictures of the sky in panorama mode. A high-quality telescope receiver means the team only has to add 903 photographs to map the entire sky. Previously, they needed thousands of photographs for this in the survey.

Using new data, astronomers will be able to perform statistical analyzes of large populations of galaxies. This will explain how the universe evolved and how it is structured today. Australian Minister of Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrew said: “ASKAP is a huge technological development that has put our scientists, engineers and industry on the forefront for generations to discover space. distant.”
(Source: CNN)

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