Australia Google search engine: Google threatens to remove search engine from Australia Scott Morrison Hit Back – Google threatens to shut down search engine in Australia, PM Morris gives appropriate response

US-based veteran Google has threatened Australia to shut down its search engine if it is forced to pay local publishers for the news. There is a dispute between Google and the Australian government over giving money in exchange for information, and the issue has become a threat. On the other hand, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrisson is firm in enacting a money-giving law and has said he is not responding to threats.

The Australian government bill requires publishers to pay for their articles. On the other hand, Google’s chief executive for Australia and New Zealand, Mel Silva, told the parliamentary committee that it was “ impractical ” to give money to publishers. Mel Silva particularly opposed the request for money to be shown to media companies to show a small portion of the news during search results.

The threat of paying money for the world’s biggest search engine seems to be very strong and there is pressure on it from all over the world. 94% of searches in Australia are done via Google. On the other hand, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison said he was not paying attention to explosions. Prime Minister Maurition said: “Australia sets its own rules for what you can do in our country. It is happening in our Parliament. This is done by our government. And that’s the way it is in Australia.

Facebook also opposed the law
Facebook has also been targeted by this law. Facebook also opposed this law. Facebook said it plans to ban news posted on Facebook from Australians if the law is passed. Previously, there was an agreement between Google and the French government to use digital news content.

Under this, Google will pay news publishers for online news content. Google has not disclosed the amount of this payment. This money will be the amount of news published daily and the Internet traffic standard for the month. France is the first country to adopt copyright from the European Union and as part of this Google had to pay this money.

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