australia iran prisoner swap: kylie moore-gilbert: iran freed lecturer in australia, know why there are conspiracy charges

Australia and Iran have reportedly released the jailed citizens. Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert, 33, is also released in this exchange. Upon his release, Premier Scott Morrison spoke of relief. Gilbert was jailed for more than two years for espionage. Australia has also freed three Iranians. However, Morrison did not confirm the “exchange”. In fact, there have been allegations that Iran is imprisoning its citizens from Western countries to fulfill their demand and this exchange was done for that as well.

Kylie went to the conference

Gilbert thanked Australian government supporters and liberation diplomats who led his freedom movement. He said he had respect and love for Iran and its good people. Gilbert was a lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Melbourne. She traveled to Tehran for an academic conference in 2018 and was detained upon her return. He was sentenced to 10 years for espionage and sent to the infamous Avin prison.

Why should Iran be blamed?

Besides Gilbert, many citizens of western countries are imprisoned in Iran for espionage. UN investigators believe this is done intentionally to satisfy the West’s money or other demand. Tehran has refuted this claim. Gilbert, in his letter to Morrison, said he was jailed for asking the Australian government for something in return.

Have been tortured

International pressure on Iran to release Gilbert was increasing. She went on a hunger strike several times and on several occasions her health started to decline when she was held in solitary confinement for a long time. When the danger of the corona virus spreading began to increase in crowded prisons across the country, he was sent to Karachak Prison. He called on the Australian government to work harder to get him released. He said his rights were violated and mental torture was practiced.

Who are the freed Iranians?

The tension between Iran and the West has been exacerbated by Gilbert’s detention. The United States killed a senior Iranian general in Baghdad, as a result of which Iran attacked the US military base. Iranian television broadcast footage showing Hijab wearing Gilbert White on a plane. At the same time, the Iranian citizens who have been released are described as “economic activists”. He allegedly wore a baseball cap, surgical mask and outfits to hide his identity.

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