Australia is not a ‘Joe’ pigeon, Australia spared the innocent’s life – Australia decides not to kill pigeon Joe after its American paw turns out to be false

In Australia, a pigeon has remained the subject of discussion and controversy. The pigeon would have reached Australia from the United States. Therefore, it was decided to kill him as a threat to biosociety. However, authorities have now found that the pigeon is local and there is no threat. With this, his life was spared.

This pigeon, named Joe, became very popular when he was seen wearing the “American Identity” tag in Melbourne. It was decided to kill him under Australian rules. However, authorities later suspected the tag and found it local. This does not present a bio-society risk. Investigation revealed that the tag on his leg was fake. As a result, the pigeon belonged to Alabama in America.

In numerous reports it has been claimed that no pigeon has traveled a distance of 13,000 km before. According to, the record for the longest distance traveled by a pigeon to date was achieved in 1931. In which a pigeon flew from Arras, France to Saigan, Vietnam.

Australia will kill 13,000 km pigeon, find out why there is ruckus
The Australian Department of Agriculture issued a statement saying the pigeon was not allowed to live in their country. These people fear that this unique pigeon could endanger Australia’s food security and the safety of the poultry industries. Officials have even warned that it could also threaten the country’s biosecurity. This pigeon was captured in the media here after reaching Australia. The stories of this pigeon’s adventure travel have been learned everywhere.

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