Australia will kill 13,000 km pigeon, find out why there is ruckus

A carrier pigeon, having traveled 13,000 km from the United States, is about to kill Australia. Australian authorities fear that the arrival of the pigeon could spread the disease in their country. In such a situation, a plan is being drawn up to kill the pigeon that crossed the Pacific Ocean. The pigeon, which went missing during a race from Oregon, USA, arrived in Melbourne on December 26.

Australian officials have declared a threat to the country
Parinda was found in Melbourne, Kevin Celie Bird, panting on December 26 in the backyard of her home. Australia’s Quarantine and Inspection Service, which kicked in after the news broke in the media, called the pigeon a threat to the country. Australian authorities called Sealy and ordered him to capture the pigeon. Concern has also grown in Australia over the rapid spread of bird flu around the world.

The pigeon was called ‘Joe’
Many experts suspect that the pigeon crossed the Pacific Ocean to Australia using a freighter. The pigeon is named after Joe Biden, the President-elect of the United States. This pigeon was captured in the media here after reaching Australia. The stories of this pigeon’s adventure travel have been learned everywhere.

Australia declared a threat to biodiversity
The Australian Department of Agriculture has issued a statement saying this pigeon is not allowed to live in our country. These people fear that this unique pigeon could endanger Australia’s food security and the safety of the poultry industries. Officials have even warned that it could also threaten the country’s biosecurity.

Claiming the longest flight in the world
It has been claimed in numerous reports that this is the longest distance a pigeon has traveled to date. No pigeon has traveled a distance of 13,000 kilometers before. According to, the record for the longest distance traveled by a pigeon to date was achieved in 1931. In which a pigeon flew from Arras, France to Saigan, Vietnam.

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