Australian citizenship: Australia revokes citizenship of maulana convicted of terrorist conspiracy, for the first time such a step taken

Australia has removed the citizenship of Maulana, a Muslim from Algeria. In 2005, Maulana was convicted of leading a terrorist cell which attempted to plant a bomb during a football match in Melbourne. Abdul Nasser Benabrica is the first citizen whose citizenship has been removed in Australia. In Australia, a person’s citizenship is only withdrawn when they are a citizen of two countries.

Many cases of terrorism
The country’s Home Secretary Peter Dutton has said that if a person poses a terrorist threat to the country, they will be treated in any way possible under the law. There have been three terrorism cases against Naseer. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for leading a terrorist organization, membership of a terrorist organization and possession of items related to the planning of a terrorist attack.

He is still in prison after serving his sentence. Under the country’s law, anyone suspected of a terrorist offense can be detained for up to three years after the end of the sentence. Naseer’s lawyers have appealed against this. They have 90 days to appeal the cancellation of their visas and return to Algeria.

One more case
Australia stripped the citizenship of Neil Prakash, who is believed to be an Islamic State recruiter, last year. He is being held in a Turkish prison. Australia has stated that she is also a citizen of Fiji but Fiji has denied this.

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