australian spiders swarming video: viral spider video panics people in australia amid flooding: viral video of millions of spiders scared people amid australia floods

Severe flooding has wreaked havoc across Australia in the state of New South Wales. Everyone is trying to reach the highest to escape the flood waters. Meanwhile, a huge swarm of millions of spiders floating above the floodwaters has caused panic among the population. It is said to be rarely seen when such a large number of spiders congregate in the same area.

Video of spiders going viral
This spider video recorded in New South Wales is also going viral on social media. A local resident named Matt Lauwenfos shared a video in which millions of spiders move rapidly to their farmlands as the water rises. These spiders are trying to infiltrate everywhere.

People are afraid of spiders that enter houses
Speaking to Guardian Australia he said it was amazing. We have never seen so many spiders. These spiders have occupied all places, including homes, fences, and anywhere they can reach. People are also afraid of seeing spiders in so many residential areas. At the same time, scientists believe that such a large number of spiders shouldn’t be afraid to watch because most of them won’t harm humans.

Many dangerous wild animals have also reached residential areas
It’s not that only the spiders run to the higher ones to avoid flooding. These include ants, snakes, scorpions, and many other wild creatures. They also enter people’s homes in search of higher ground. Diet Hochuli, a professor who led the University of Sydney’s Integrated Ecology Group, told ABC News in Australia that like humans, spiders are trying to survive the flood.

Australia faces worst flooding in 10 years
New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, experienced severe flooding decades later. Due to flooding caused by heavy rains, the lakh population is forced to leave their homes. At the same time, the weather service forecast rains in these areas for several days. State Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said hundreds of people had been rescued. He said such a disaster occurred for the first time in nearly a hundred years, and orders have been given to evacuate people from many places on the state’s mid-coast.

Severe flooding wreaked havoc in Australia, millions had to leave their homes
Dam water overflow
The water supply has also reached record levels at the Warragamba Dam, which supplies water to the city of Sydney. It is said that for the first time after 2016, the water in this dam is overflowing. The meteorological department has warned that no flood relief is expected until next Thursday. Because in the next few days it will continue to rain.

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