Australian troops killed Afghan civilians: Australian soldiers killed 39 Afghans illegally: report – Australian special forces illegally killed 39 Afghans, report

According to a military war crimes report, there is “credible information” that at least 19 current and retired Australian special forces soldiers have illegally killed 39 Afghans. The investigation was opened in Australia in 2016 after reports from whistleblowers and local media noted the alleged murder of unarmed men and children in Afghanistan.

The report, released Thursday by the NSW Court of Appeals for Judge Paul Brereton, found that a four-year investigation had found “ reliable information ” on 23 incidents in which Australian forces personnel were involved in serious crimes. They were committing or helping them. The report says there is “ credible information ” about the alleged murder of 39 Afghans at the hands of Australian special forces in 23 incidents.

Two of these incidents can be characterized as war crimes of “cruel behavior”. At the same time, General Angus Campbell, chief of the Australian Defense Forces, according to a report by the PA, said the shameful dossier contains several suspected cases, among which new members of the patrol team have fired on a prisoner with a passion to commit the first murder. Allowed.

He said that to hide these antics, the soldiers fabricate false stories and claim that the prisoners were enemies to each other and were killed in action. Campbell said the string of unlawful murders began in 2019, but in 2012 and 2013 the highest number of such incidents occurred.

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