Austrian Chancellor warns against political Islam: Austrian Chancellor warns: ‘Political Islam threatens European lifestyle’ – Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz warns that political Islam is dangerous for fashion European life

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has warned that political Islam poses a major threat to Europe’s way of life. Kurz called on the European Union to learn the lessons of the terrorist attack in Vienna to end its “misconception of tolerance”. He called for European opinions to focus more firmly on solving the problem of political Islam.

Kurz has said that the ideology of political Islam is “dangerous” to the freedom and values ​​of Europe. The Austrian Chancellor’s Office said on Wednesday it was in contact with French President Emmanuel Macron to jointly discuss the fight against terrorism. Speaking to a German press institute, Kurz said that I hope we will see an end to this tolerance for misunderstanding.

Austrian Chancellor Kurz said: “I also hope that all countries in Europe realize how dangerous the ideology of political Islam is to our freedom and our European lifestyle.” Kurz’s statement comes at a time when it was revealed that Kuztim Fejzulai, who led the attack on Vienna, was jailed in April 2019 for attempting to travel to Syria and join ISIS.

However, Kuztim was released later due to his young age. At that time, the terrorist claimed to have been misled by the “bad mosque”. He then falsely promised advisers who abstained from radicalism that he had abandoned ISIS. Kurz called the decision to leave Kuztim “definitely bad”. Please say that Kuztim shot 4 people and killed 4 in Vienna.

Kurz said the terrorist attack would not have been possible if the terrorist had not been released. Vienna’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said after the attack that the gunman had been identified as Kuztim Phasejulai. He holds the citizenship of Austria and North Macedonia. He said Kuztim Fejzulai attempted to travel to Syria to join ISIS and was then sent to prison in April 2019.

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