Aakash Athawasya

A graduate in the field of Finance and Economics, interested in the cryptocurrency realm, particularly the response of governments to the same. Researching and reporting on the volatility of the prominent coins and the real-world uses of virtual currencies.

By Aakash

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Jan 05,2019 12:15 PM
Ethereum [ETH] adds $2 billion on XRP ahead of OKEx and Huobi hardfork support: Technical Analysis

Following Ethereum's [ETH] overtake of Ripple's XRP, the now top-altcoin has amassed $2 bn over the trailer after backing from OKEx and Huobi.

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Jan 05,2019 8:36 AM
Ethereum's Constantinople hardfork will be backed by OKEx and Huobi

Ethereum's upcoming January Constantinople hardfork will be backed by leading cryptocurrency exchanges OKEx and Huobi.

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Jan 05,2019 8:10 AM
Stablecoins as money? Texas State Banking Division mulls the prospect

The financial wathdog of the American State of Texas is mulling the prospects of allowing stabelcoins to qualify as 'money.'

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Jan 05,2019 7:38 AM
ConsenSys, AMD and Halo Holdings partner to produce blockchain-based cloud computing

Ethereum-based ConsenSys, GPU producer AMD and Halo Holdings are collaborating to create a blockchain-based cloud computing system.

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Jan 03,2019 16:09 PM
Telegram's native cryptocurrency seen as a disruptive force to the Iranian economy

Iran’s Secretary of Criminal Content Definitions Task Force stated that Gram, Telegram's native currency would disrupt the national economy.

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Jan 03,2019 12:03 PM
Cryptocurrency lenders riding high on the bearish Bitcoin [BTC] wave

Cryptocurrency lenders have been seeing a wave of increased demand since the Bitcoin bearish momentum began last year.

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Jan 03,2019 10:46 AM
India's J&K state warns investors against cryptocurrency investing

The government in the norther state of Jammu and Kashmir have issued a warning to investors advising them against investment in cryptocurrencies.

By Aakash

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Jan 03,2019 9:30 AM
First Task Force for cryptocurrency to be created by New York Legislature

In a first, a crypto taskforce has been created by the New York State Legislature to study the impact of regulation on virtual currencies.

By Aakash

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Dec 28,2018 11:09 AM
Libereum, the Dutch Sports-Crypto company acquires Spanish Football Club Elche CF

Libereum, the sport and cryptocurrency centric Dutch company has acquired the Spanish football club Elche CF.

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