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Windows 11 is here and little by little we are learning all the details of the new Microsoft operating system. An operating system which, as we have already announced, will require certain minimum requirements for its update. A measure that may be somewhat controversial but which will benefit Windows 11 itself.

Windows 11 release date

The first question we all ask ourselves once Windows 11 is announced is when it will be available. And in this sense Microsoft has not given precise dates, beyond indicating that it will begin to market new computers with Windows 11 in the fall (of the northern hemisphere) of this year.


On that same date, the company will also begin to roll out the update, in a phased manner, completely free for all Windows 10 users. Of course, Microsoft will not require them to update, Windows 11 will be completely optional, and all those users who will be able to stay in Windows 10 until the end of support in 2025.

Price of upgrade to Windows 11

Another question that users ask themselves the most is the price of this one. One question that we can partially answer from now on is that, as Microsoft itself has announced, Windows 11 will be a completely free update for Windows 10 users.

However, as has always happened with the Redmond operating system, Microsoft will offer Windows 11 licenses for its various versions. Although for that we will have to wait, because we do not know what kind of versions Windows 11 will have, let alone its price.

Windows 11 Insider Program

The Windows 10 Insider program, with its pros and cons, has been a worldwide success. So much so that it has served as an example for many other companies. This is why Microsoft will keep its Insider program on Windows 11.

This way, any user who wants to be able to sign up for the Windows 11 Insider program and install pre-release versions of the new Microsoft operating system on their computer, starting to test Windows 11 before the launch date. We’ll see if, as various rumors indicate, Microsoft is releasing the first version of Windows 11 next week.

However, we must remember that all users who are eligible to update to Windows 11 will be able to update as before from Windows Update when the time comes. As has happened with all versions of Windows.

However, we cannot fail to mention a curious fact, such as the fact that although they do not meet the requirements, many older computers will be able to enroll in the Insider program and receive previous versions of Windows 11 up to. ‘at its official launch. After that, those computers will have no choice but to revert to Windows 10 to continue receiving support.

Minimum system requirements for Windows 11

Another of the critical points of this Windows 11 is in its minimum system requirements. And it is that with its new operating system Microsoft has decided to save the user experience by demanding minimum requirements for the update.

1 GH processor or higher with 2 or more cores 64-bit memory 4 GB of RAM Storage 64 GB or more Firmware UEFI, Secure Boot TPM Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 Graphics DirectX 12 / WDDM 2.x 9 inch display with HD Internet resolution A Microsoft account and an Internet connection for setting up Windows 11 Home

Thus, Microsoft avoids having to update old computers to drag the development of Windows 11. A measure which will leave many users aside but which will undoubtedly allow the operating system to advance much faster without the backpack of having to update to 1300 million computers. with Windows 10. Computers which, on many occasions, have already seen their experience with Windows 10 increase.

Download Windows PC Health Check

Additionally, you can also download Windows PC Health Check, Microsoft’s own app that our team will analyze to tell us if it’s eligible to upgrade to Windos 11.

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