Avast Reports Xbox Series X Facebook Scam

Today is Xbox Series X and Series S launch day. A day that should be a celebration. However, some are trying to scam them through a so-called Facebook contest.

A false advertisement promoting a contest to win the new Xbox Series X console is spreading on Facebook in Spain. The scam, identified with the hashtag # QUÉDATEENCASA, appears to be taking advantage of the worsening Covid-19 situation in many parts of Europe, as well as the looming period of shopping and festivities.

Warning, there is a fake Facebook gift on the Xbox Series X

To participate in this opportunity to ‘win’ the long-awaited console, users must click on the ad shown in the image below, after which they will land on a website with a mini quiz.

It’s easy for our seasoned readers to spot the first mistake. The promotional image is not of an Xbox Series X but of an Xbox One X. A failure that our fans will not ignore.

After completing the short questionnaire, a congratulatory message is displayed (image above). Note that all people who complete the survey receive a message indicating that they have been rewarded, regardless of the responses they selected in the survey. Then, to collect the prize, the scammers ask the participant to share the promotion with five WhatsApp contacts. They can then select their price, which is supposed to be delivered within 24 hours.

All too often such scams circulate on social media and fake websites. They are not always deleted by the owners of these platforms, in this case Facebook. In fact, it looks like the crooks themselves are already gearing up for their next scam: the launch of the new PlayStation5 on November 19 (see the pop-up in the center of the image below).

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