Avian influenza in Japan: Avian influenza in Japan is spreading rapidly; 11 million chickens killed in Chiba province – H5 bird flu in Japanese chickens to be slaughtered in Chiba prefecture

Amid the ravages of the Corona virus, bird flu has also spread to Japan. To avoid the same risk of bird flu, a million chickens will be killed in the Japanese province of Chiba. Chiba is the 13th region in Japan where H5 bird flu spreads very quickly. To combat the risk of this disease, 11 lakh 60 thousand chickens present in the form of chickens caught in the flu will be killed.

Japanese authorities have reportedly quarantined the 10-kilometer area and shipping chickens and eggs has been completely banned in the area. Bird flu also spread to Japan in Kagawa, Fukuoka, Hyogo, Miyazaki, Hiroshima, Nara, Oita, Wakayama, Shiga, Tokushima and Kochi before Chiba province.

To prevent the spread of bird flu, 34 lakh chickens have already been killed. Recently, outbreaks of avian flu have also been reported in Britain, the Netherlands, northern Germany and Belgium. This case of bird flu epidemic in Japan came at a time when there is an outbreak of Corona virus in the country. So far, 2.03,113 people have been infected with the Corona virus in Japan.

So far, 2,994 people have died from the Corona virus in Japan. So far, 17,39,195 people have died from the corona virus worldwide. The global vaccination cycle has now started to protect against the corona virus. A senior official associated with the vaccination campaign in the United States said that as of the first week of January, work was underway to provide 20 million doses of the vaccine against Kovid-19, but how soon will people be able to- whether they get these vaccines is unclear.

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