AWACS Airborne Early Warning Aircraft: Russian Navy Missile Drills near the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier: Russian Navy Missile Maneuvers near the Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier

The British Navy has been on alert for Russian naval exercises off its aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. Britain fears that under the guise of maneuvers, Russian Navy fighter jets will harass its only aircraft carrier stationed 30 kilometers away. This is the reason why Britain has also kept its fighter jets on high alert. Not only that, two British Air Force AWACS airborne early warning planes are also monitoring airspace in the region.

Britain deploys AWACS aircraft
These British Air Force AWACS airborne early warning aircraft are codenamed “NATO 30” and “NATO 31”. These planes take off from Waddington Air Force Base, ensuring the safety of this heavy 60,000-ton aircraft carrier. Britain fears that Moscow will definitely send its fighters near its aircraft carrier under the guise of maneuvers.

How do AWACS planes work?
AWACS or Airborne Early Warning and Control System planes are a very important part of modern warfare. The moment ground radars can spot attackers, fighters, cruise missiles, and drones, they find them before they can. Other than that, they can easily differentiate between enemy and friendly fighter jets. With their help, every movement of the enemy can be monitored.

These planes are parked at the British air base in Cyprus
A senior Royal Navy source said these AWACS planes are currently stationed at British Air Force Akrotiri station in Cyprus. From there, these planes provide 24-hour air defense to Carrier Strike Group HMS Queen Elizabeth. British officials say their carrier strike group is very capable. Only he can face the Russian threat, but we don’t want to take any risks.

Russia’s new move to provoke Britain, missile maneuvers started 30 km from HMS Queen Elizabeth
British aircraft carrier patrolling the Mediterranean Sea
The British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has been patrolling the Mediterranean Sea for a month as part of Operation Deployment. Currently this aircraft carrier of the British Navy is located in the south of Cyprus. It aims to present the concept of Global Britain and the commitment of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Britain aims to establish the image of the Royal Navy as the most powerful navy in Europe with the help of this warship.

These weapons of war are stationed on HMS Queen Elizabeth
The entire fleet of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth or Styker Group consists of two squadrons of F-35B Lightning fighters, stealth fighters, two Type 45 class destroyers, two Type 23 figures, two tankers and of a fleet of helicopters. He was sent from Britain only a few months ago to patrol several important places in Asia and Europe. There is a discussion that Australia and Canada may also be invited to exercise with this warship.

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

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