ax near Buckingham Palace: man walking with ax near Buckingham Palace in London arrested

Metropolitan Police have arrested a middle-aged man walking with an ax near Buckingham Palace here. Scotland Yard said the man was found near “The Mall” on Tuesday evening and apprehended by patrol officers. It is a busy road that leads from Trafalgar Square to the Royal Palace.

Kneel with an ax
When arrested, the suspect is said to have sat on his lap, after which he was arrested. Scotland Yard said in a statement: ‘Armed officers were in the neighboring area. The middle-aged man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a sharp weapon. The statement read: “There is no news of an injury in court.” This person was taken to Charing Cross Police Station for questioning.

Many photos are also shared on social networks
Photos of the incident were shared on social media, with six officers surrounding the suspect near the back entrance to Downing Street. Metropolitan Police said the case was under investigation and the incident was currently under investigation into terrorism.

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