Ayuso and government step up crossover of attacks on the gates of Madrid election campaign

Posted: Saturday April 17, 2021 3:47 PM

The electoral campaign for the 4M officially starts in the coming hours in the Community of Madrid, after an intense pre-campaign which ended this Saturday with a new cross of reproaches between the PSOE and the PP candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Socialist candidate Ángel Gabilondo held an act with Industry Minister Reyes Maroto, his economic vice-president if he wins the May 4 elections, who has been very critical of the current president’s management of Madrid, for whom accused of lying when “he says that with his management of the pandemic, he saves the economy”.

Furthermore, Maroto called the fact that Ayuso’s executive did not approve certain budgets “unforgivable” and said it “denotes a fragile, weak and bankrupt government.” “This is why we must withdraw Ayuso from the Puerta del Sol”, he condemned, pledging to carry out regional accounts in the first 100 days of the government.

Likewise, he ruled that “the Spanish Government does not mistreat Madrid, as Mrs Ayuso says” but that “it is Mrs Ayuso who mistreats the people of Madrid”, with “a government incapable of managing and which is more concerned about to the government and the rest of the autonomous communities than in Madrid and Madrid “.

For his part, Gabilondo advocated “to settle the historic debt of Madrid with its scientists” and promised that if elected, he would create “the first European” hub “of science and health”, which, he said, would mean “to establish in Madrid the largest high performance center in Europe in the field of science and health”.

Entretanto, la presidenta madrileña ha celebrado un mitin en Collado Villalba, donde ha arremetido contra el Gobierno central y Pedro Sánchez, a quien ha acusado de tener “el plan de tratarnos como a ganado” y de no haber “hecho nada por la pandemia desde one year ago”.

Ayuso, who had to momentarily interrupt his speech when before the appearance of a group of people carrying a banner, accused the executive of “creating first and second citizens”, calling them “kept subsidized”.

In addition, he argued that in Moncloa “they did not want these elections”. “They tried to bring us to justice so that we couldn’t go to the polls, they tried in every way that it didn’t lead to depending on which people on my list, they tried to prevent citizens from approaching because they are desperate, because Pedro Sánchez is desperate “He affirmed, sending a message to the socialist leader:” Let him suppose that from May 5 things will change a lot for him because you cannot not fool everyone all the time. “

Iglesias accuses Ayuso of ‘kidnapping’ Madrid residents to bring down government

Meanwhile, United We Can candidate Pablo Iglesias traveled this morning to Alcalá de Henares, where the former second vice president accused the Ayuso government of using Madrid as hostages because for them the pandemic n was not a shame, but an opportunity. to try to bring down the coalition government. “

“The PP of the Community of Madrid preferred to kidnap citizens in an attempt to take advantage in the most indecent way of what he saw as an opportunity to bring down the government,” he added, assuring that the data epidemiological and hospital pressure are worse in Madrid. “because they didn’t use the institutions to manage, but they tried to wreak havoc.”

For his part, Más Madrid presented his electoral poster during a ceremony in Alcorcón, during which his candidate for the presidency of the Community, Mónica García, appears wearing a mask, as well as his campaign slogan: “For what really matters “. García accused Ayuso of having a “squid campaign”. “He sees his reissue of the presidency in danger and as he sees it in danger, he campaigns for squids, trying to drop ink, drop ink from mud, ink from hoaxes and false politics, “he said.

Meanwhile, in Boadilla del Monte, Vox candidate Rocío Monasterio called for the vote for her party, declaring that it is “who hurts the most” on the left, during a rally where she was accompanied by the leader. of the far-right formation, Santiago Abascal. He lashed out at Iglesias, saying “he should cut his bow on May 4 and retire from politics.”

Ciudadanos, for its part, organized an event at the La Latina Theater, in support of the cultural sector. Its candidate, Edmundo Bal, sent a message to whoever was Cs member of the regional executive: “I want you to ask Ms Ayuso if she prefers Ms Monasterio to me,” he said. “I want you to ask Isabel Díaz Ayuso if what she wants is to govern the Community of Madrid with Vox, can you imagine Madrid’s cultural agenda in the hands of a Vox adviser?”

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