Ayuso announces the launch of the COVID-19 primer on Monday

Posted: Thursday December 10 2020 11:19

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, on Thursday recovered her controversial COVID card to announce its launch from Monday, within the region’s virtual health card, which will allow citizens to see their entire history of tests coronavirus.

“From Monday we will be able to take advantage of the new virtual health card, which will allow us the same uses of the physical card,” Ayuso said, adding that it will include “the whole history of the tests that are being done for COVID” .

“Many citizens must now take it with them in any situation and, therefore, we will make their lives easier”, justified the president during the control session at the Madrid Assembly.

Controversy since the summer

The Díaz Ayuso government announced to laSexta in mid-November that this introduction would be launched soon and that it would be explained by the regional president.

According to sources from the Ministry of Health, there will be a dump in the virtual health card of the diagnostic data included in the clinical history of each patient on PCR, serological tests and antigenic tests to which they have been subjected, both in the system health and private laboratories.

The COVID card will just have informational purposes and for this it will be necessary to download the virtual health card application. Its activation can be accessed by going to a health center, using a QR code or calling the telephone number 900102112.

Last July, Díaz Ayuso defended the COVID card, saying that in the future it could be needed for “jobs”. “We do not know how this will develop. Against COVID we have been fighting for a year or two and I do not exclude that in the future knowing your immunity will help you or it is necessary for jobs. “said the regional president in a radio interview.

Asked then if there could be any type of discrimination, the Madrid president defended that “it is not discrimination” and stressed that “it is logical that we put names and surnames to those who are protected and which are not “.

However, some epidemiologists believe that the document can generate situations of social injustice. In addition, some lawyers question its legality. “This violates a person’s privacy and generates a situation of discrimination which, depending on the state of health, will not allow you to enter certain spaces,” Eva Madrid, of Activo Abogados, told LaSexta, after hearing Ayuso’s announcement in July.

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