Ayuso blames government and “fugitive minister” Illa that Madrid only vaccinated 3,000 people

Publication: Monday January 4, 2021 16:56

The fault of the delay in the vaccination campaign of the Community of Madrid, where only 3,000 people were vaccinated despite 47,000 doses of serum against COVID-19, is the Spanish government and the “minister on the run” Salvador Illa. is the conclusion of its president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who stressed on Monday that vaccination “is a national problem” and, as such, the strategy must be led by the Spanish government and the head of the Ministry of Health.

“Vaccination is a national problem. The strategy is a national problem and who should lead this is the Spanish government and the minister on the run so that we have the same number of vaccines, transparency and help all communities, ”Ayuso stressed.

This was spoken from Móstoles, where he traveled with the President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, to visit the association “Not a child without toys” and “to start the year with families who have more difficulties” .

The president assured that “we do not want more vaccines for Madrid than for the rest of Spain”, stressing that she “would never ask for something so foolish” because “we are all the same and we all have need a rapid vaccination “.

“But it is true that far fewer vaccines are arriving than expected and it should be borne in mind that a second vaccine must be reserved for each person vaccinated so that the effect is not lost”, continued the president of Madrid, despite the poor. data from your vaccination campaign.

Counselor says residences have asked to delay vaccine

According to the Minister of Health of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, the delay in the administration of the sera is not due to a lack of staff, but rather to the fact that the residences “have requested that we delay this vaccination for one. week because a large part of the residents were with their families. and also for staff vacations. “

Likewise, the head of health assured that the circumstances of these Christmas weeks are “exceptional”, but also asked for transparency in the criteria for the distribution of vaccines.

In addition, Ruiz Escudero opened the door to recourse to private health to vaccinate the population since the important thing is that the majority of Madrilenians be vaccinated, with “public or private” resources. “We will always operate as one health,” said the adviser, who argued that health workers have already been trained to perform the vaccination.

Groom insists on criticizing Illa

The President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has asked the Minister of Health to step down from this post after being nominated by the CPS for the elections in Catalonia in February and that the government is focused on distributing the Covid-19 vaccine to “save lives, not campaign.”

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