“Ayuso broke the pact”

Inés Arrimadas says she is “surprised” by this “non-conformity” of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who, according to the citizen leader, has broken the pact since she spoke with Pablo Casado last night “and I told her that the motion of censure was limited to Murcia and not to another place “and that in Madrid” neither motion of censure nor electoral advance “.

“We had a pact, we were not going to do anything” in Madrid “and Ayuso did not respect the agreement”, he assured. Popular sources therefore confirm to LaSexta at first, that they spoke, before the announcement of Ayuso, and that it was to try to calm the spirits – they add – after the double motion announced in Murcia », Reports Angela Vera.

Married, at a ceremony in Madrid, acknowledged this call and said Murcia’s motion was a mistake “because the government works well and is an honest government”: “We do not tolerate anyone who questions PP. López Miras has ceased to be Minister of Health while many PSOEs have not done so for vaccines. ”He said he was“ very respectful with Cs but irresponsible ”.

Are the accounts settled?

Arrimadas also said Ciudadanos would not support PSOE and Más Madrid censure motions in Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s government. Ciudadanos’ support is necessary for their prosperity. The Madrid Assembly has a total of 132 members, and for any of these censure motions to pass, 67 absolute majority votes are needed.

After the regional elections in May 2019, Madrid’s parliament was divided as follows: the PSOE is the majority party with 37 seats, although the PP (with 30) and Ciudadanos (with 26) govern in coalition. They are followed by Más Madrid, with 20 deputies; Vox, with 12; and Podemos-IU-Madrid standing, with seven representatives.

Already counting on the votes in favor of the PSOE and the More Madrid censure motion, and also adding those of the third party from the left (Podemos), the motion would need the additional support of another party, especially the citizens .

Ignacio Aguado, Madrid’s vice-president so far, also appears to reject this support: “We’ll see how the gibberish Ayuso and the courts have been working out is resolved. Yesterday we were on the verge of signing historic budgets. and today we are talking about motions, which is irresponsible. It is reckless, “he said in statements to” Onda Cero “.

Former adviser Ángel Garrido also ensured that the citizens were not thinking about the motion and that they were not negotiating or speaking nothing with the PSOE.

The PSOE movement in Castile and León

Arrimadas also assured that Ciudadanos would not support the motion presented by the PSOE in Castile and León. For it to thrive, the Socialists need four more prosecutors. PSOE has 35 and Podemos 2; They total 37 and the majority is 41. Beyond what the UPL and Por Ávila do, who each have a prosecutor, it would take at least two C.

In the PSOE they have the capricious Francisco Igea, but as laSexta has learned, they say they will follow the directives of Arrimadas and the national leadership. However, in the PSOE of Castilla y León, they say that it will be necessary to see, “that in public, they say one thing and another in private”.

The president of Ciudadanos also explained the reasons for the presentation of the motions in Murcia. In an interview with Antena 3, he insisted that he had weighed the vaccination cases of politicians taking their turn and ensured that they had long been asking the people to take action.

“We have done what is responsible, we have tried to reorient it for months, but when the PP does not respect the agreement and puts Murcia in a situation of instability, to look away is irresponsible,” he said. he adds.

Citizen sources in Murcia explain that on Monday afternoon there was a meeting of Carlos Cuadrado, first deputy secretary and number 2 of the formation, with the two parliamentary groups, that of the Assembly of Murcia and that of the municipal council.

As they explain, Cuadrado was already with the censure motions prepared in a dossier that everyone must sign, and that he told them that this had been negotiated directly with Ferraz between the two national directorates. Within the National Executive there is a lot of discomfort because, they say, it happened behind everything.

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