Ayuso calls Iglesias “pantomime” and they fight over the “chaletazo” of Galapagar and the apartments of Sarasola

Publication: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 10:58 PM

Pablo Iglesias and Isabel Díaz Ayuso starred in a tough clash after the ‘popular’ candidate distressed Iglesias with her criticism of the management of the residences as “the central government only helped the Community of Madrid with the ‘UME “:” Robles She was the one who gave the instructions. You, at chaletazo, never helping. “

“Without insulting and without making personal references. I pay for my house, Sarasola does not give me a luxury apartment, like you do,” replied the United Podemos candidate after Ayuso called him a “pantomime. and the meanest thing in Spanish politics. “

The debate, which had started with Iglesias criticizing Ayuso for his handling of public health, led to harsh accusations regarding Pablo Iglesias’ house and the controversy over Kike Sarasola’s apartments.

Rifirrafe for waiting lists

The tension started according to the waiting lists of public hospitals in the Community of Madrid during the electoral debate with the six candidates in the May 4 elections. “Do you know how many people are on the waiting list at Madrid Health right now? You don’t know, I’m telling you: 539,000. What are you going to do to avoid the waiting lists?” Podemos, who got into a discussion with the “popular” candidate by recriminating her by asking her questions that no one could answer.

“The waiting lists in the best public health in Spain, which is that of Madrid, are the lowest, they are in which patients take less time to operate”, defended Ayuso, who assured that the Madrid government allocates “8900 million euros each year” to public health.

Thus, Ayuso defended Madrid Health, ensuring that citizens find themselves in their health centers with “good care, quality health and great professionals”. And Pablo Iglesias urged him to answer a second question: “Do you know what percentage of deaths in residences should have been transferred to hospital and were not?”. A question to which the president always answered with another question: “How many residences have you been to?” Thus, he ensured that the only assistance received from the Spanish Government was the Emergency Military Unit.

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