Ayuso charges the government again, denouncing that the distribution of European funds is intended for Madrid

Posted: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 5:01 PM

Madrid President Isabel Díaz Ayuso said on Tuesday that there is “sectarianism against the Community of Madrid” in the distribution of European Union funds known as React EU Covid.

“Unfortunately – because I think Spain should work as one strong country against the economic crisis, without discrimination or arbitrariness – I denounce the sectarianism which has been repeatedly against the Community of Madrid”, he said declared.

According to the regional president, the distribution announced by the funds of the European Union is intended “against the people of Madrid” and she believes that “such arbitrariness has never been seen”. “We are going to denounce this ill-treatment everywhere, in Brussels and in our country, we are not going to stand idly by in the face of unacceptable discrimination because it is unfair and, of course, at the wrong time,” he said. .

On his Twitter account, he insisted on the fact that Pedro Sánchez governs “under the orders of the separatists”.

Catalonia will receive 17% of these funds against 13% from Madrid, which for Ayuso is unfair because “the Community of Madrid and Catalonia have very similar social and economic scenarios and, however, the distribution clearly harms the community of Madrid”.

He is also “struck by the fact that the Valencian Community governed by the left receives roughly the same volume of funds as Madrid, despite the fact that its weight in the GDP is 9% and the population is 10.6%” , he stressed. .

The Ministry of Finance announced on Monday that the autonomies will receive 10,000 million euros in European reconstruction funds over the next two years, of which 1,284 will correspond to the Community of Madrid. Andalusia, with 1,881 million, and Catalonia with 1,706 million, are the regions that will benefit the most from the allocation of funds, followed by the Community of Madrid (1,284 million) and the Valencian Community (1,254 million ).

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