Ayuso condemns threats against Iglesias but criticizes “those who provoke this violence become the offended”

Publication: Friday April 23, 2021 20:38

Isabel Díaz Ayuso speaks out on the death threats received by Pablo Iglesias. The Madrid president assures us that she condemns the violence, “wherever it comes from”, but accuses the leader of United We Can: “What cannot be is that those who provoke this violence later become the offended.

This is how the PP candidate for the 4M elections spoke at a rally this Friday in Tres Cantos, after someone sent the head of the purple formation a letter threatening him and his family with several bullets.

Ayuso, who deplored the “confrontation” that is taking place in this electoral campaign, indicated that it was “very difficult” for her to stand for a debate if she had to “respect all sensitivities”, after the departure of this Friday Iglesias. an electoral debate on the “Cadena SER” when the Vox candidate, Rocío Monasterio, questioned the veracity of these threats.

“Since the press always asks me, I will tell them that I condemn violence, wherever it comes from. Whether it is a swindler, whether it is about sealing off a house or of course to send bullets by mail to absolutely no one, I condemn all violence, as it cannot be otherwise, ”Ayuso said.

However, the popular leader then added that “it cannot be that those who provoke such violence later become the offended.” “It is impossible that there are politicians in this country who intend to whitewash the pacts with the political environment of ETA”, he added, accusing Podemos of “allowing it”.

According to Ayuso, “more and more citizens are arriving in the Community of Madrid to flee its policy” which, he said, in Euskadi “has killed many people and caused a lot of pain”. “Just flirting, laundering people like Otegi, or a terrorist gang, shows you that you are the first to go wrong and therefore you cannot continue down this path,” he criticized.

“If you are asking for violence to be condemned, start by distancing yourself from it. Get out of violence from politics,” he added.

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