Ayuso conveys “maximum loyalty” to king at first hearing after controversial pardons remarks

Updated: Wednesday 07 July 2021 23:01

Published: 07.07.2021 23:00

Felipe VI received Isabel Díaz Ayuso at the Palacio de la Zarzuela after his investiture after his re-election as President of the Community of Madrid. Este ha sido el primer encuentro desde que Ayuso involucrara al rey en la polémica de los indultos a los presos del procés y la madrileña ha aprovechado la ocasión para transmitirle la “máxima lealtad” del Gobierno regional “con la Corona, la Constitución y la unidad of Spain “.

And it is that last June 13, when the government decided to grant pardons to Catalan politicians who remained in prison for the trial, Ayuso asked himself “what will the King of Spain do from now on?” Will he sign these pardons “Are they going to make him an accomplice?” A comment he attributed to his concern about the commitment he said the monarch was subject to with this measure.

The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, came out to amend Ayuso’s statements, which were not well received by his formation: “The responsibility is exclusive to Sánchez”, then underlined Casado. He further asserted that the parliamentary monarchy is exercised “impeccably by His Majesty Felipe VI”

The hearing, which lasted around two hours, is part of the usual meetings between Felipe VI and regional leaders after their inauguration as presidents.

Sources in the Madrid government have indicated that the President of Madrid is “very satisfied” with the meeting she has held with the king, to whom she has transferred her plans for the next two years after her re-election in the May 4 elections, which focuses on on “Lower taxes, create jobs and promote the birth rate.”

After this audience with Felipe VI, the president of Madrid will meet the director general, Pedro Sánchez, at the Palacio de la Moncloa on Friday.

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