Ayuso negotiates with Toni Cantó to integrate him into the PP’s electoral project in Madrid

Updated: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 8:28 PM

Published on: 03/24.2021 20:11

laSexta learned that Toni Cantó, a former citizen deputy, had contacts throughout the afternoon with the Popular Party and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the president of the Community of Madrid. Cantó reportedly contacted the “popular” in the midst of the pre-campaign for the May 4 regional elections to see the formula in which he could be incorporated into the 4-M electoral lists with the PP.

Precisely the former citizens left the Orange formation at the executive meeting abruptly and very angry with the line followed by Inés Arrimadas after the political earthquake triggered by the motion of censure in Murcia and the subsequent call for elections to Madrid by the President of the Community.

Already then, he was questioned about a possible incorporation into the PP. “Those of you who talk about it overestimate me. What I want to say to the leadership of my party is that today I am unemployed, I have no salary and I will not accept the lessons of those who fall back on their seats ”explained . And he added: “I am a free man and I will do what I want”, reiterating that until then he had not “received an offer from Genoa”.

In addition, he claimed that his party colleagues did not want to vote on his proposal to create a common front with the PP in the Madrid elections. In this sense, Cantó announced his departure showing the rejection of the leader of the Cs, a party of which he is still a member: “Inés Arrimadas could choose between protecting the party or protecting its executive, I asked for the resignation of the permanent. Executive and not He was allowed to vote. You have to take responsibility and they don’t. “

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