Ayuso opens controversial pandemic hospital on December 1, invites Minister Illa

Published: Tuesday November 24 2020 11:10

Next Tuesday, December 1, is the date chosen by the Community of Madrid to officially inaugurate its new pandemic hospital, the construction of which has been controversial from the start, with voices questioning whether this was necessary in the first place .

Isabel Díaz Ayuso herself will inaugurate it personally, in an act to which today the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, officially invited with a letter in which she claims Isabel Zendal as “a center built in record time, designed to manage pandemics, but it will also help fight the flu, complete our hospital network and reduce waiting lists. “

The new hospital, which arrived unfinished upon delivery on Oct. 31 and amid accusations of cost overruns, will open after unions also denounced the lack of safety measures and even the deaths of two workers on construction sites.

The inauguration also takes place amid protests from health workers in Madrid over how the new center will be staffed: with volunteers from other hospitals and, if not enough, by forced transfers of professionals from the network. public.

The deadline to offer to fill these positions ended last Sunday, November 22. If places had not been filled, the process of direct assignment of staff from other hospitals would now begin.

A transfer of workers that has sparked rejection in recent weeks against what protesters considered an “urban strike” that would create holes in other centers already stressed by the pandemic.

Illa has not yet confirmed her attendance.

In his letter to the Minister of Health, Díaz Ayuso, however, insists that “it is a center located in Madrid but with the will to serve any Spanish citizen” and affirms that he will be “delighted” to have his presence at the inauguration. Illa, for her part, has yet to confirm her attendance at the event.

Precisely this Tuesday, when the regional executive fixed a date for the opening ceremony, the president of Madrid stressed in a ceremony with hoteliers the importance of the new hospital, arguing that “few world capitals can offer to all their visitors a hospital with an airport “.

“On December 1, we will fully open” the Isabel Cendal nursing hospital “, confirmed Ayuso, to questions from the press, who specified that” it took three months of construction and a month to prepare it and equip it with everything. the necessary equipment. “.

“I also invited the Minister of Health because we must all continue to work against the virus and the Minister will surely like to know this magnificent facility which was created in such a short time, which will surprise the world”, he said. he said about the invitation. to Illa, which the Community made public on Twitter:

To laSexta’s questions on the staff recruitment process, Ayuso confirmed that “yesterday the volunteering period for those who want to work at Zendal has ended and what the Community of Madrid is going to do is guarantee all the necessary healthcare staff “, insisting on the fact that this hospital should be” a source of satisfaction and pride “.

Isabel Zendal, whose implementation is her government’s flagship measure against the coronavirus, has been announced several times by the Community and the President in recent weeks, and even offered as a warehouse for the potential vaccine which reaches Spain.

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