Ayuso opens door for Vox advisers and guarantees Madrid government will start cutting taxes

Published: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 10:26 AM

The Community of Madrid could have Vox advisers after the investiture of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. This is how the interim president abandoned it, who did not rule out offering jobs to citizens because, she said, some orange deputies “were worth it”.

Speaking to ‘EsRadio’ after sweeping regional elections, the ‘popular’ leader said she had “worthwhile citizen advisers” and, if she finds them on the far right, she will have them also “them”. . “Politicians must have experience and know why they are doing things,” he stressed in this regard.

The interim president also argued in the “COPE” that the first measures he will promote will be the reduction of personal income tax and budgets. Although, he considers that in this sense he “will understand with Vox” and does not believe that “there are great difficulties”.

Sources of the far-right formation assured LaSexta that they would facilitate the inauguration of Ayuso with favorable votes but warn that they “will respect their policy”. In this sense, they also underline that they will have to be understood “for the budgets and for each proposal”.

So things, the PP leader of Madrid will be able to repeat the position of the presidency for, at least, another two years. With the 65 seats he obtained after sweeping the elections and the support of those of Rocío Monasterio, who have 13 deputies, they give him the figures to overcome the nomination.

With this advice, Ayuso is convinced that “all the measures he is putting in place will not be slowed down” and that he will be able to execute “budgets and legislate”. And, he said, before “every time I brought something to the Assembly in Madrid, it was a problem and I could not legislate”.

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