Ayuso plans to cancel flights from Brazil and South Africa due to novel strain of coronavirus

Publication: Monday, January 18, 2021 12:34

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, on Monday asked the government to consider the possibility of canceling flights from Brazil and South Africa in the presence of new “more aggressive” strains of the pandemic coronavirus.

This was stated by Ayuso in some statements made live, via social media, from the Isabel Zendal Nursing Hospital, a health center that defended itself against the attacks it suffered before it was built, said, by politicians, the press and unions.

Brazilian strain

Health Minister Salvador Illa said on Saturday that they are “studying” the new variant that has collapsed hospitals in the country of Rio de Janeiro and has already left the first cases in Japan. Neighboring countries like the UK have already suspended travel with Brazil.

In recent days, Brazil has reported an increase in deaths which appear to be linked to the new strain that has emerged in the country. In addition, the city of Manaus, one of the largest in the country, is experiencing a hospital collapse due to the rise in infections in recent weeks.

This strain has nothing to do with those detected in the UK and South Africa. Precisely on the progress of the British variant, Illa claimed that in Spain there are already “a hundred infections” by this new strain which, added at Christmas, led Spain to “the third wave”.

South African strain

Before the end of 2020, more specifically on December 18, South Africa announced the discovery of a mutation in the coronavirus which was spreading very rapidly in three provinces of the country.

Although it is different from that of the UK, both agree that they are much more transmissible than the normal virus that has affected the whole world and that in principle they are not more deadly. They cause more infections. However, the big question scientists are asking is whether vaccines will be able to stop this strain, because for the UK it is considered that the efficacy will not be affected.

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