Ayuso recovers proposal to consider “unborn child” in 4M electoral platform

Publication: Friday April 16 2021 20:20

Díaz Ayuso recovers the proposal to take into account the “fetuses conceived” for possible scholarships in the electoral program of the PP in Madrid. laSexta had access to this program, in which presidential candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso picked up the 2019 proposal which was not carried out and which generated a great controversy in public opinion.

Thus, in one of the points, the PP of Madrid collects this contested proposition: “The conceived will be considered as born and as one more member of the family unit for all purposes that are beneficial to the child or children not. still born, the pregnant mother or the family unit in which both are inserted “, relates the document. A measure that was left outside the government pact that she signed with Ciudadanos, but that she now recovers in the program. electoral.

One of the controversies that arose as a result of this announcement in previous regional elections was the possibility that this conceived was not born, and its response caught the attention of the media: “I didn’t think about it, I am not clear on this. the title (of large family) I will weigh “.

To date, from the People’s Party, they defend that this peculiarity would occur in three cases: scholarships from 0 to 3 years, the admission of new students and in case the per capita income has to be calculated. In addition, the party ensured that its election platform included up to 100 new measures that will be announced in the coming days.

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