Ayuso responds to Esquerra for declaring Madrid to be a tax haven: “I’ll be his worst nightmare”


Publication: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 11:11

A bad dream. This is what the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has promised to be after Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya accused the region of being a “tax haven” practicing “dumping” against others. regions. “I’m going to be the worst nightmare for those who try to break up Spain, steal their collection in Madrid or steal their constitutional right for children to speak in their mother tongue.”

Díaz Ayuso thus responds to the criticisms that this Tuesday the spokesperson for the Catalan training in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, made during the announcement of his pre-agreement with the government to support the general state budgets (PGE) . Rufián assured that one of the points negotiated with the executive concerned the creation of a bilateral committee to reform the wealth tax and put an end to the fiscal “dumping” of Madrid.

At present and for a decade, the Community of Madrid has reduced the wealth tax to 100%, which de facto eliminates it and attracts great wealth to be listed in the region. This, and other fiscal maneuvers, make Madrid a “tax haven”, in Rufián’s opinion, harming the working class.

The objective of the agreement, according to the spokesperson, is “to put an end to the de facto tax haven that the right has set up in Madrid and which is seriously harming the working class, especially at this time”.

The accusations displeased Ayuso, who assured herself “surprise” by the pact and the accusations during an interview with “Espejo Público”.

“The citizens who come from other regions of Spain to Madrid and, more precisely, from Catalonia do not do it only for an economic question, it would be almost offensive”, affirmed the popular one. “The citizens of Catalonia, the Basque Country and other autonomous communities where freedom and coexistence have dried up are precisely seeking in Madrid to be free”, he declared.

This freedom from Madrid is what should be exported to other parts of Spain, according to Ayuso. “It amuses me that those who are looking for inequality between the Spaniards, the break between Catalonia and Madrid, what they are looking for is not the best for Catalonia, but the worst for Madrid,” he insisted. In short: they should do the same as Madrid, with its tax cuts, and not want the region to raise any, like heritage, which mainly affects the highest incomes.

Ayuso says he will do “whatever it takes” to defend Madrid’s “fiscal freedom” and that’s where he warned it would become “anyone’s worst nightmare if they start hitting their pockets. of the Madrid taxpayer to pay for corruption. independence “.

“In this country, there are two types of people: those who pull the car and those who live off others,” he concluded.

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