Ayuso speaks of “circus” and the left of “hate speech”

Publication: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 12:08

Threats received by various political leaders erupted into the debate on the Madrid election campaign. The progressive bloc associates some of these attacks with hate speech from the far right, which has come to doubt their veracity, while Ayuso plays them down.

The PP candidate for the presidency ensures that she has also received “threats and is escorted” and not for that, she said, she “counts”. He believes that the broadcast of this type of event generates “a call effect and an unnecessary alarm”. Despite the condemnation of what happened, he considers that they are setting up a “circus” and calls on them to let “the police and the judges work”. According to him, “unnecessary light is given” to the fact that the Minister of the Interior, the director of the Civil Guard and the candidate of United We Can have received death threats.

The PP candidate assures that she has also received threats and believes that an “unnecessary alarm” is generated

In statements to ‘RNE’, he also accused Pedro Sánchez of being “at the forefront” of the campaign of Madrid socialists and of “feeding on Moncloa with the tools of the state”.

The Ciudadanos leader did not say whether or not he believed some politicians were using threats. He said he was surprised Reyes Maroto “got out so quickly” to explain that he had received a bloody razor. Despite this, he strongly condemns what happened because it seems “foolish to question that this is a real threat”.

This was expressed in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo, in which he also criticized the fact that some candidates do not want to debate, referring to the decision of Gabilondo, Iglesias and García to no longer want to be in a debate with the far right. .

More Madrid criticize “the politics of hatred” and Iglesias admits to feeling “defenseless”

The left bloc calls on all parties to strongly condemn the threats received by some of their leaders. He also demanded that a cordon sanitaire be made to the far right by all the formations.

From Más Madrid, they insist that there is a party that makes “the politics of hatred its flag”, referring to the formation led by Santiago Abascal, and they criticize the fact that the Popular Party “aspires to govern with them “after the regional elections.

Mónica García believes that “we have to think about how we got to this environment”, but she thinks that the “tension” and the fact of reporting unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable groups “is neither new nor free”. This is what he said in an interview on “TVE”.

Mónica García and Reyes Maroto talk about far-right “hate speech”

He also called for “patients with mental disorders” not to be stigmatized. And it is that this Monday the police discovered that the bloody razor that Reyes Maroto had received had been sent by a man suffering from schizophrenia. “People with mental health problems are not more violent, but the atmosphere of hate pervades us all,” he said in “Onda Madrid”.

Reyes Maroto herself admitted that she was “scared”, but it is clear that this will not “silence” her or lead her to “normalize hate speech”. In statements to “Radio 4”, he also showed his concern for “people with pathologies who have appropriated hate speech”.

“The extreme right has made the flag and the armed forces a means of reaching the citizen. They search for their constituents using security, as if they were the one giving it. If I am threatened, it is partly because of their speech and for having qualified the government as criminal, ”added the Minister of Tourism.

The United candidate We Can has also been recognized as being “defenseless”. As Maroto said, Iglesias believes that the far right creates the breeding ground for threats, referring to “Marlaska as an accomplice to terrorism” or calling for “the extradition of Serigne Mbayé”.

“Fascism goes further every week. An insult, a lie, talk about physical appearance, present yourself as a rat … It’s a breeding ground that makes everything happen,” he condemned.

Vox sees “extremely serious” that they attribute the threats to his party

Rocío Monasterio attacked the head of the tourism portfolio, whom she accused of “attributing the threats” to Vox. “A member of the government cannot get involved in the campaign by making such serious demonstrations against a political party,” he said in an interview with “Onda Madrid”.

He believes that the progressive bloc has taken this strategy in the face of a possible electoral defeat, despite the fact that the last CEI gives the left possibilities to govern in the Community of Madrid after the 4Ms. “The PSOE and Iglesias try to instill hatred because they see that their bases are not mobilized,” he said in this regard.

Like Díaz Ayuso, he assured in “Espejo Público” that he had received “many threats” and had never made them public.

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