Ayuso subcontracts the vaccination against the coronavirus to the Red Cross for 804,100 euros

Publication: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 09:51

The Ayuso government has subcontracted the services of the Red Cross to “provide support” for the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus for a total amount of 804,098 euros. He did so without launching a public call for tenders, invoking the urgency required by the epidemiological situation.

According to the published document, the Community of Madrid will pay 136,533 euros the first month and 133,512 the remaining five months. In total, 804,098 euros will pay for the service of 12 professionals for six months.

The order dates from December 29, just two days after the arrival of the first doses in Spain and the start of the vaccination campaign. Precisely on Monday, the Minister of Health opened the door to the use of “private resources” to provide this service in Madrid.

“In a pandemic, you have to use all the necessary resources, whether public or private. The important thing is to administer the vaccine,” Enrique Ruiz-Escudero said in an interview with “TVE”. He also insists on the fact that the objective is to obtain “the greatest number of vaccinated”. However, the region administered only 6% of doses issued by the central government.

Most of the budget for this subcontracting will go to personnel costs, 87,922 euros per month for the service of 12 healthcare professionals. The rest will be divided between the purchases of medical supplies (16,094 euros), the rental and maintenance of vehicles (13,680 euros) and the purchase of uniforms (2,746 euros), among other costs of communication and computer equipment. .

The regional executive awarded this contract to the “finger”, justifying the epidemiological situation in which we find ourselves. “Because it is therefore an emergency of an urgent nature, a single budget has been requested for the support service for vaccination against COVID-19 at the Spanish Red Cross”, they specify in the ‘order.

Madrid provided only 6% of vaccines

The Community of Madrid received 47,000 doses in the first distribution the government made, but administered only 3,000. This was only done a few days after asking the executive for more vaccines. central.

A situation for which the Spanish government and “the fugitive minister”, Salvador Illa, are to blame, according to the conclusion of the president of Madrid. “Vaccination is a national problem. The strategy is a national problem and who should lead this is the Spanish government and the minister on the run,” Isabel Díaz Ayuso said in this regard.

For his part, the Minister of Health attributed the delay in the administration of the vaccine to the fact that the residences requested that this process be stopped. “The residences asked us to delay this vaccination for a week, because a large part of the residents were with their families and also because of staff vacations,” he said.

Likewise, he assured that the circumstances of these Christmas weeks are “exceptional”, but also asked for transparency in the criteria for the distribution of vaccines.

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