Ayuso tries to shift campaign towards taxes and break out of ‘fascism or democracy’ five days after 4-M


Publication: Thursday, April 29, 2021 11:35

The president of the Community of Madrid and aspiring to revalidate the post of the next 4-M, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is making every effort to reorient the campaign to a ground where she feels more comfortable and leaves “ fascism or the democracy ”.

Thus, the campaign returned to taxation and launched a “calculator” which compares the taxes paid in the region with those of the communities governed by the PSOE and United We Can.

But, obviously, the tool has a trick: it does not allow comparison with the taxes of other regions managed by the most popular, such as Andalusia, Castile and León, Galicia or Murcia.

And, in addition, it includes the fine print: “This simulation does not take into account all applicable personal and family circumstances, nor regional deductions that may affect the quota.” In other words, it is not 100% reliable, besides being a campaign tool and other communities may consider exceptions.

“It’s about taxes, about freedom,” Ayuso said this morning to COPE, relaunching the tax battle.

Since the death threats against several ministers and candidate Pablo Iglesias became known only a week ago and after Vox broke the last electoral debate, the campaign has shifted. The leadership, where Ayuso has felt more comfortable due to his lax restrictions during the pandemic, has been left in the background amid the threat to democracy they exercise from the left.

The positions of the parts to the left of the table have not changed. On the one hand, the PSOE candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, insists that the exceptionality of this legislature – which will last only two years, until the ordinary elections of 2023 – does not allow tax increases and that the greatest public spending will be through transfers from Europe with new generation EU funds.

This speech, aimed at capturing the most centrist vote, is not to the liking of the other left parties. From United We Can, former Vice President Iglesias is leading the ideological battle to raise taxes for those who have the most and eliminate deductions and bonuses for inheritance and inheritance taxes.

Madrid’s taxation and “freedom” occupied much of the pre-campaign and election campaign, but they are now blurry. Yes, it is true that the right seems to agree on the need for tax cuts: of the PP, which recommends reducing by half a point each autonomous section of the personal income tax; even Vox, who is banking on what they call a “radical and immediate cut” in taxes.

Between the two, although with the threat of not exceeding the bar of 5% of the votes which will allow their entry to the Assembly, Ciudadanos is committed to maintaining the coalition of the PP and the Cs with a fiscal model and low taxes. Of course: promoting a system of “tax rewards” to end the underground economy.

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