Ayuso warns that “you can lose almost everything” and the PSOE sees the “comeback” in 4M possible

Publication: Monday, April 5, 2021 3:45 PM

The map drawn by the CIS barometer caused two small earthquakes, one on each side of the political council. The volatility of what can happen in the 4M elections has led President Isabel Díaz Ayuso to warn that everything is so tight that “you can almost lose everything”. The euphoria is proportional on the other side of the ring: the Madrid PSOE sees the horizon increasingly clear and that the “return”, according to socialist sources, is possible.

The game is served. The pre-election study predicted a victory for Ayuso’s PP, yes, but a technical link between the left and right blocs, which would each remain at 68 deputies. The elections will be decided in the coming days. And that did not establish all the players involved equally.

“We cannot relax or Iglesias will be vice president”

“There is something on which I agree, that almost everything could be lost, the freedom we have given ourselves, educational policies … Iglesias could become vice-president of the government of Madrid”, a said Ayuso herself. in an interview on Onda Cero. “We play a lot. We can’t relax and that’s the only thing I agree with this poll.”

Anyway, the regional leader of the PP raises her eyebrows when it comes to the CEI. “This is the first time that I see an investigation on Gabilondo where she gives something over me. I don’t want to think that this is an investigation made by the PSOE government on a candidate of the PSOE, but everything indicates that maybe yes, “he erased.

In fact, regional government sources consulted by LaSexta slip that how is it possible for the left to sing victory “and have an absolute majority if Gabilondo does not want Pablo Iglesias to be vice-president”.

Gabilondo, for the voters of Cs

But from the socialist ranks, the situation is perceived differently. The remaining four weeks, including the official campaign days, are all the ground they need to eat away at Ayuso. They consider, according to party sources in conversation with LaSexta, that Gabilondo “begins his return” because “there is a game”.

“The PSOE starts from the bottom, exceeding its ceiling of 37 seats, but we are one month away from the elections,” they argue from Ferraz. “It is very important to start with a block tie.” In addition, they point out that Gabilondo is a “widely known” and best valued leader. “Ayuso is the leader of VOX, more popular with VOX voters than her own party,” they say.

Ángel Gabilondo himself influenced during a campaign event on Monday that “this is the first time with a tie between the two options.” And he wanted to address the voters of Ciudadanos, a force which, according to the CEI study, would not obtain any representation in the Assembly. He told them that “it’s up to them to decide which option they want.” “Do you want to go back to the old VOX-oriented PP methods? Or do you want serious government?”

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