“Ayuso was not president because she was nobody’s wife”

Posted: Tuesday March 23, 2021 7:33 PM

Popular Parliamentary Group Senator Ana Camins questioned the merits of Equality Minister Irene Montero of United We Can. More specifically, he criticized her in the Senate that Isabel Díaz Ayuso “has succeeded in being president on her own merits and not because she is absolutely nobody’s wife”.

The minister responded harshly to these remarks and even more taking into account the episode that her colleague Yolanda Díaz experienced yesterday, when a PP deputy berated her and told her that “in Podemos, women do not go up that if they hold a ponytail “. Montero believes that the popular group acts with a “planned insistence on humiliating and questioning female feminists who engage in politics.” And so, he reminded the senator that “scrutinizing our privacy is political violence against women.”

Camins also left a message for Montero: “Tell Iglesias that in Madrid we look forward to him at the polls, that every insult he dedicates to Ayuso we are going to place on our lapels like a medal.” And Montero replied that “their machismo will cause them to be expelled from the Community of Madrid very soon”.

He also criticized the fact that Isabel Díaz Ayuso, on a television show with the largest audience, said that we cannot talk about gender violence because “men are attacked more than we are”. “Who is suffering? Women victims of gender-based violence who believe that institutions will not believe them when they denounce the violence.”

In the same way, he recalled that the Community of Madrid has not spent “not a euro of the pact against gender violence”, and that, insists Montero, “it is violence against women”. This brief speech by Montero in the upper house was quickly shared by the purple formation under the slogan “The Madrid of the PP is not safe for women”.

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