Ayuso would win elections in Madrid by doubling his seats and could rule with Vox backing, poll by ‘El País’ finds

Published: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 8:49 AM

Ayuso would double the result obtained in 2019. This is reflected in the survey published today by El País. The PP candidate in the 4-M regional elections, Isabel Díaz-Ayuso would obtain 59 seats (29 more than she currently has) and would remain at 10 of the absolute majority, set at 69. Thus, she could govern comfortably with the Support of Vox. The poll gives the far-right party 13 parliamentarians, one more than today. The deputies of the two formations would add 72 seats, three above the absolute majority.

For its part, Ciudadanos, which has co-governed with Ayuso since 2019, would not obtain representation in the Madrid Assembly. The projections give him 3% of the vote, far from the 5% minimum required to obtain representation. Until recently, Ayuso’s government partner in government was left without representation.

Rise of More Madrid

On the left, the results reflect the rise of Más Madrid. Eight days before the elections, the PSOE would remain at the head of the opposition, but More Madrid’s candidate, Mónica García, would obtain 5 more seats than in the previous elections.

Thus, Angel Gabilondo’s PSOE fell to 28 seats, nine fewer than those obtained in previous elections, in which it was the most voted party and had obtained 37 parliamentarians.

Plus Madrid would be the fourth political force in the Madrid Assembly with 25 seats, up from five more than two years ago.

The United We Can bid, led by former government vice president Pablo Iglesias, would remain the fifth force and 11 seats, four more than the current ones. According to the El País survey, Iglesias’ candidacy saves the party from being excluded from the Assembly, but they qualify this effect as “low-key”.

This electoral ballot, which shows a clear advantage of the PP, was drawn up with 3,000 polls carried out between April 20 and yesterday April 26.

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