Ayuso’s ‘Runner’ video for 4M: “Effort and Freedom”

Posted: Saturday April 10 2021 2:00 PM

Isabel Díaz Ayuso enters the race in the electoral campaign. The president of the Community of Madrid launches a video in which she walks through different points of the region, including the Isabel Zendal hospital.

Adjusting her shoes, wearing a tracksuit and a mask with a flag of the Community of Madrid, the candidate of the Popular Party insists on her slogan for this campaign: “Freedom”.

Beginning his career in Madrid Río, Ayuso moved to pharmacies, hospitals, restaurants, markets, hairdressers and theaters. At the end of the video, already exhausted after such a remarkable career, she arrives at Puerta del Sol, seat of the regional government.

“This video represents the culture of effort and there are no more words. Freedom only has to be demonstrated with examples and work,” Ayuso herself said after its launch during her speech at the National Congress of the New Generations.

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