Azerbaijan accused Armenia called on Turkish terrorist group PKK to wage war in Nagorno-Karabakh – Azerbaijan’s big accusation, Armenia fighting Turkish terrorists

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Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of asking for help from the banned terrorist organization of Turkey, Alchin Amirbayov, Azerbaijan ambassador to India, Armenia calls on Armenia thousands of militants of the banned faction by Turkey, the PKK in August. New Delhi / Baku
Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of taking help from thousands of militants from the PKK, a terrorist organization banned by Turkey. In a special conversation with NBT Online, Azerbaijani Ambassador to India Alchin Amirbayov said that we don’t need Pakistan or the Syrian terrorists to face Armenia. Amirbayov made the statement at a time when Azerbaijan is accused of using Turkish-backed Syrian militants in the battle for Nagorno-Karabakh.

Amirbayov said that we received very solid information from intelligence sources that Armenia called in thousands of militants from the banned Turkish faction PKK in August. They were called to Armenia from Western Asia to fight against Azerbaijan. He said Turkey did not send its fighters. Turkey offers only diplomatic and political support. Turkey is our natural ally.

“ Armenia wants to isolate Azerbaijan ”
He said Armenia wanted to isolate Azerbaijan. He has a military alliance with Russia and tries to bring other countries with it. The arrival of Turkey among us brought stability to the region. If Armenia manages to bring Russia with it, it will end Azerbaijani independence. India is the largest democracy in the world and knows full well what freedom means. He said we have given full information about this whole incident in India. See the full interview …..

“ Negotiations on the terms of the human truce continue ”
Ambassador Elchin Amirbayov said that the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia met for several hours and negotiated the terms of the humanitarian ceasefire. Previously, there had been a ceasefire three times, but after that Armenian troops started shooting at Azerbaijani citizens, which ended the ceasefire. This time, the foreign ministers of the two countries are discussing a humanitarian truce with the United States, Russia and France with the co-president of the MINSK group. Under this, the two countries will allow the removal of the bodies of soldiers killed during the war. They will also authorize the Red Cross and share the number of soldiers arrested so that they can be exchanged.

So far 5,000 people have died in this war
The Azerbaijani Ambassador said that the question of the number of captured POWs was very difficult. We have yet to release concrete figures. The people you’re talking about are also based on guesswork. The fight is still ongoing, so it is difficult for us to give exact figures. We have proposed for humanitarian reasons that the corpses of the killed soldiers from Armenia be handed over. We handed over the bodies of 30 soldiers to Armenia and sent back a war-torn woman. The Armenian side does not. The bodies of many of our soldiers are in Armenia but they are not coming back. The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan started on September 27 and according to the President of Russia, so far 5,000 people have died in this war.

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