Aznar accuses the PSOE of coming to power thanks to the 11M attacks and a motion of censure “supported by separatists and exterrorists”

Posted: Friday June 25 2021 2:48 PM

This Friday, the former president of the Spanish government José María Aznar, in an act in Madrid in which he coincided with President Isabel Díaz Ayuso, accused the PSOE of having come to power in the 2004 elections “using the attacks terrorists “perpetrated for Jihad.

“The PSOE has come to the government at least twice under very specific circumstances: and one was in 2004, when it arrived following terrorist attacks, using these attacks to try to affect the credibility of the government. government ”, launched after criticizing the pardon of the lawsuits.

Thus, according to Aznar, the Socialists would not have used this strategy on one occasion, but on two occasions, as he points out when he obtained the majority in Parliament to remove Mariano Rajoy from the Executive: “The second time , it was with a motion of no confidence supported by the separatists and the exterrorists. This is how they came to power, ”he slams.

Aznar government pardoned members of Catalan terrorist organization

Some statements that the former popular president unveiled in response to the pardon granted to the prisoners of the trial. Graces which led him to lodge a complaint also against Catalan businessmen, who had shown themselves in favor of the measure if it reduced the tension on the territory: “You, sir, the businessman, if your factory is under attack, what are you going to do? “Don’t judge those who stole my business?” He said wryly.

Specifically, Aznar’s government granted 5,948 pardons between 1990 and 2004. And although it never recognized a single pardon to the terrorist group ETA, it granted pardon to 15 members of the organization. Catalan terrorist Land Lliure.

Although this is a measure promoted by the government of González, for administrative reasons it was finally approved by the PP of Aznar. Asked by LaSexta on this question at the start of the demonstration, the former leader confined himself to remaining silent.

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