Aznar and Rajoy, the former presidents appointed by Bárcenas, answer box B of the PP

Publication: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 6:32 AM

Today begins one of the most anticipated sessions of the case B case of the PP before the National Court, with the former treasurer of the formation, Luis Bárcenas, as the main defendant. José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, former presidents of the government and of the PP, testify from noon.

The statement is not trivial, since Bárcenas accuses both of being aware of the irregular funding of the party. Box B, accredited in a judgment of the Supreme Court, is settled in this trial, in addition to the alleged payment in black for the reform of the headquarters of Génova, 13, in Madrid.

In Aznar’s case, this is the first time he has appeared before the National Court to explain what he knows about parallel accounting. This declaration was requested by the popular accusation exercised by the Association of Democratic Lawyers for Europe (Adade).

What is at issue are the governments he chaired between 1996 and 2004. Since, although the former treasurer denied Aznar’s responsibilities, in his letter to the anti-corruption prosecution, he assured that his ministers approved the bites that funded shadow accounting.

In the congressional committee which investigated the alleged illegal financing of the PP, when it ensured that “there was no box B” in his party and denied the collection or the order to pay bonuses “illegal” to the leaders of the organization he chaired between 1990 and 2004.

Rajoy, accused of destroying documentation

For his part, Mariano Rajoy has already appeared during the trial of the first stage of Gürtel and now he is doing it again. However, on this occasion, Bárcenas insists not only that Rajoy received bonuses, but that he was fully aware of the irregular funding and that he tried to destroy the documentation that proved it.

He did so in a letter to the anti-corruption prosecution as well as in his statement to the court. There, Bárcenas detailed a meeting in Rajoy’s office, where he goes to give him an envelope and shows him the last two pages of his papers. Rajoy, according to the former treasurer, was outraged and destroyed the compromising documentation. In fact, the defense lawyer for the ex-treasurer claimed at the start of the trial that there was a confrontation between Bárcenas and the former president, which the court rejected.

This meeting was reiterated during his appearance a week ago at the Congressional Kitchen Commission of Inquiry.

When asked by Socialist MP Felipe Sicilia to describe when he handed the money to the former government president, Bárcenas referred to earlier statements. “It’s exactly as I said. There was a recording in which you heard how I gave the rest of the box to Rajoy. I don’t know if that recording still exists, they destroyed it. when they broke into my home and my office. “. Thus, he claimed to have recorded the conversation with Rajoy and the moment of the destruction of the accounts.

When asked if in the files where kitchen documentation was kept there were invoices for the Rajoy costumes paid for in B or evidence that a Gürtel company paid the former government president for a trip, Bárcenas explained: were very helpful both for the kitchen trial and for the trial that is currently underway. “

Three former general secretaries deny box B

During yesterday’s trial, three former “historical” secretaries general denied the existence of box B. They were Javier Arenas, Francisco Álvarez Cascos and María Dolores de Cospedal.

In the case of Arenas, he assures that everything he collected was legal and declared in his rent. “I received all the amounts that I received by transfer and they are declared in my corresponding personal income tax”, he assured Tuesday during his telematic appearance during the trial.

He also took away the fact that his name appears there in the so-called “Bárcenas papers”: “I am not the only Javier who appears in these newspapers, nor the only Javier of the PP”.

Cascos also took up the Treasury’s argument: “All my salaries, absolutely all, have been declared to the Treasury and have been declared by checks or nominative transfers. The value of these notes is zero,” he said.

More concise was Cospedal, declared an enemy of Bárcenas: “It is false,” he assured during the trial facing questions about the financing.

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