Azure generates more revenue than AWS and Google Cloud together

After an initial review of the quarterly accounts of major tech companies, some are now doing a commendable job looking further ahead. It looks like Microsoft Azure has once again managed to overtake Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud revenue combined.

Azure succeeds in outperforming Amazon Web Services with less quota

Although Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the leader in the cloud industry for now, Microsoft’s cloud has managed to overtake AWS and Google Cloud revenue combined. The Redmond giant said Azure had sales of $ 17.7 billion.

And according to Bob Evans in Cloud Wars, it looks like Google is growing, but moving the market away from Amazon. Thus, AWS announced a turnover of 13.5 billion dollars while Google had to settle for 4.05 billion dollars in turnover. So, if we add these two large companies, their results pale in the face of the great work of the Azure division which continues to grow.

This failed to get Microsoft to exceed the coveted market capitalization of “two trillion dollars” which would actually be two trillion dollars according to the reading which is made in the non-Anglo-Saxon countries. Investors seem skeptical, and the company has managed to reach the coveted “meager” billion billion mark.

Amazon and Google have increased in the last quarter, along with their revenues, which is an elusive feat as investments tend to absorb the benefits. As for Google, the company managed to overtake Salesforce again to stay in third place. Google and Microsoft are cutting a lot of distance with AWS which still holds the crown, but it could lose it if it is not attentive to the movements of Google and Microsoft.

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