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Microsoft has dramatically improved its Teams offerings as businesses adapt to the new standard. In other words, remote working environments when possible. A few days ago, we learned that tasks in Microsoft Teams have reached General Availability (GA). And today, Microsoft announced that Azure Lab Services integration with Teams is now available.

Azure Labs, the latest addition to Teams

Azure Lab Services enables users to provision virtual machines (VMs) on demand. For a variety of use cases, such as education, hackathons, software testing, training for IT pros, etc. Guest users can access lab resources without an Azure subscription. With the integration of Azure Lab Services, here are the advantages available to its users:

Teachers can set up labs, and students can access their virtual machines in Teams. Without having to go to the Azure Lab Services website. Single sign-on (SSO) from Teams to Azure Lab Services. Team and lab owners do not need to maintain class lists on two different systems. The Azure Lab list is auto-populated from Teams membership. In addition, a synchronization is performed automatically every 24 hours. After the initial release of the virtual machine model, Lab Capacity (that is, the number of virtual machines in the lab) would automatically adjust based on adding or removing users. team members. Team and lab owners will only see labs linked to teams, and students will only see virtual machines, which are provisioned for the specific team. Users will be automatically registered in the lab, and virtual machines will be assigned automatically when you log in for the first time after publishing the lab. Teachers do not need to send invitations, and students do not need to register separately for the lab.

That being said, it’s important to note that the Azure Lab Services app in Teams can only be added to a team as a whole, it can’t be added to individual or group chats.

Microsoft believes this integration will improve remote workflows, collaboration, and productivity. If you want to configure Azure Lab Services in Microsoft Teams, go to the dedicated web page here.

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