Azure orders historical results for Microsoft

Yesterday, Satya Nadella spoke about the results to investors. He had to talk about his first fiscal quarter, with Microsoft accounts ending in June. The reality is that profits have reached a new level, trading profits at $ 15.2 billion.

The cloud improves Microsoft’s bottom line every day

Enterprise cloud revenue for Microsoft is approaching an annual revenue rate of $ 61 billion. Azure sales are up 48% for the quarter. It is clear that the commitment to the cloud has been a success.

If we talk about the numbers in general terms, we are talking about revenues of $ 13.9 billion. We are talking about a dividend per share of $ 1.82, or more than 1%. Revenue was $ 37.2 billion, 12% more than a year ago.

Amy Hood said demand for cloud offerings is high. Overall, Microsoft has had strong results in all areas. And that’s a good sign that we’re going to study in depth.

The Productivity and Business Process unit achieved incredible results with revenues of $ 12.3 billion, up 11%. Revenue from Office commercial products and cloud services increased 9% due to a 21% growth in Office 365 Commercial sales.

Surface area and more personal computing are developing

The More Personal Computing division reached $ 11.8 billion, up 6%. Windows OEM revenue fell 5%, but Surface revenue increased 37%. Search revenues, excluding traffic acquisition costs, decreased 10% in the quarter. In summary:

LinkedIn revenue increased 16% thanks to the growth of marketing tools. Microsoft Office 365 ended the quarter with 45.3 million subscribers, up 27% from last year. Surface sales were $ 1,550 million.

The reality is that the well-functioning Microsoft cloud drives the rest of the divisions. Those in Redmond have managed to have results and a strong business with virtually no cracks. We hope this will allow a gradual return to some business divisions.

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