Baba Jan releases: Baba Jan: Imran government kneels before Gilgit-Baltistan public, Baba Jan released after 9 years – Pakistan releases jailed Gligit Baltistan political activist Baba Jan after nine years in prison

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Pakistani government lifted up Gilgit-Baltistan leader Baba Jaan over vigorous protests in Gilgit, Imran government opposed allocation of marble mines to Chinese companies in Kukkehunja, Muzaffarabad
He was released by Pakistan’s Imran Khan government, kneeling in front of vigorous protests to free Pakistan-based Kashmiri (POK) leader Babil Jan of Gilgit-Baltistan. Baba Jan, who protested against the illegal allocation of marble mines to Chinese companies in Hujah, Gilgit, was released after 9 years. Baba Jan is the leader of the Pakistan Labor Party (LPP).

A case has been filed against political activist Baba Jaan for opposing illegal mining by Chinese companies. For almost nine years, there has been a strong protest at PoK to free Baba Jaan. It is said that Baba Jaan was also ill for a long time. However, he was not released at the instigation of the ISI and the military. Not only that, he was also tortured inside the prison.

According to reports, in addition to opposition from Chinese companies, Baba Jaan has been charged with another charge. In 2010, due to climate change, a landslide occurred near the Hunza River in Gilgit-Baltistan. The incident led to the creation of Lake Etabad, but thousands of villagers lost their homes. The landslide was so terrible that the highway connecting Gilgit-Baltistan to the rest of Pakistan was also damaged, making it difficult for villagers to get help as well.

Opposition to the detention of Baba Jaan under the anti-terrorism law
At that time, Baba Jaan stepped forward to help the people and started discussions with the government. After many protests and efforts, the Pakistani government finally had to bow down and promised to help the people. In 2011, a list of 457 families was given by Baba Jaan, but the government stopped helping 25 families for whatever reason. Now a demonstration has started on this.

But then the government started to use violence to stop the protesters and some people and Baba Jaan were also beaten. After that, Baba Jaan was arrested. 5 of these people have not been released. Baba Jaan was also involved in this. From that point on, there were reports that Baba Jaan and the rest of his companions were treated harshly in prison. They are tortured. There is also opposition to Baba Jaan being trapped under Pakistan’s anti-terrorism law. People used to say that the government catches activists by using this act wrongly.

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