Baby Filipina Cage: This girl is forced to stay in a cage for five years

In the Philippines, a Southeast Asian country, a girl is forced to remain in captivity for the past 5 years. The family put this girl in a cage. If you think about how ruthless the family who put Ramia (name for revenge), 29, in jail, you are wrong. In fact, the family say that in 2014, Ramia lived like ordinary girls and dreamed of becoming a model. Meanwhile, an illness forced him to put Ramia in a cage.

The family said Ramia suffered from a mental illness and did not have the money to treat her. Ramia lived with her family in the Philippines until 2014 and worked in a local store. Meanwhile, her mental illness came to light: Ramia suffered hallucinations and was admitted to a hospital in Negros province. After nearly a year of treatment, Ramia slowly recovered and the doctors were hopeful about her as well.

Ramia was allowed to return home, but in 2015 things got worse when her father’s health deteriorated. The family was unable to seek treatment for Ramiya. According to the Daily Mail, family friend GLAZEL BULLOS said that once Ramia got very violent, she had to be caged for her safety. Bullos said Ramia started throwing household items at neighbors’ homes.

Several times she was surprised to see the houses built outside and to take the bus. Once Ramia left home and met a week later in Cebu Province. He said that to prevent Ramia from running away from the house, she was placed in a small cage made inside the house. Ramiya, who is wearing torn clothes, receives food in the cage. They ask for financial help from family members so that Ramia can be treated again and fulfill her dream of becoming a model.

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