baby turns to stone: innocent child turns to ‘stone’, rare disease affecting 1 in 2 million people – UK

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Five-month-old girl in Britain turns to stone with a very rare disease. In this disease, the body begins to turn into “stone” and its life is also reduced dillandan
Five-month-old girl in the UK turns to stone due to rare disease. The fatal disease linked to this gene is called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. In this disease, the human body begins to turn to stone. The child’s family members have now warned parents around the world of the possible symptoms.

The girl’s name is Lexi Robins. This rare disease occurs in one in 20 lakh. Lexie was born on January 31st. His parents Alex and Dave are residents of the Hertfordshire region of Great Britain. He found that there was no movement in the thumbs of the child’s hand. At the same time, his toes are quite big which is not normal. It took a long time for doctors to diagnose this deadly childhood disease.

The life of patients is about 40 years
In this deadly disease, muscles and connective tissue turn into bone. In this disease, the birth of bones begins outside the skeleton. This is often called turning the body into stone. People with this disease fall to bed at the age of 20, and their life is approximately 40 years. Lexie had an x-ray in April. He was found to have a bunion on his leg, and the toes of his hand were joined twice.

Lexie’s mother, Alex, said: “Initially after the x-ray we were told she had syndrome and couldn’t walk. We couldn’t believe it because she was physically very strong at the time. She was shaking her kick. We weren’t quite sure so we did some research in mid-May. We found out he had this disease. We took him to the specialist. We had it genetically tested in America. In this, his illness was detected. Now this child can no longer receive an injection or a vaccine. She won’t even be able to give birth to a child. Scientists are now fighting to save the child’s life.

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