baby white kangaroo: extremely rare white kangaroo born at zoo, flood of social media likes – extremely rare white kangaroo born at new york zoo facebook post viral

New York
A very rare kangaroo was born in a zoo in New York, USA. The color of this kangaroo is white and its hair is white. Animal Adventure Park in New York announces that their kangaroo has given birth to a child and has white hair. Park shared a photo of the kangaroo on Facebook on Friday. Over 25,000 people have liked this post so far and there are around 2,000 shares. Thousands of people have commented on this.

Park reported that this kangaroo was born a few months ago from a red kangaroo. Its very white color was revealed when staff recently separated it from Kangaroo’s mother’s pouch. Park wrote: ‚ÄúThis is not your ordinary red kangaroo. He said that red kangaroos are born equal to your fingernails and do most of their development in the mother’s sac which is separate from the mother’s womb.

Park said that for the first time after about 4-5 months, the kangaroo was completely taken out of its mother’s bag so that she could be examined. Investigations on Friday revealed that this kangaroo child was born with white hair. The kangaroo is called Rosie. This kangaroo is now very popular on social media. Photos of kangaroos are shared fiercely.

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