Back pain can be eradicated by sitting correctly in the workplace


Back pain can be eradicated by sitting correctly in the workplace

Back pain is a very common condition that in many cases is caused by poor posture in jobs where you remain seated throughout the work day. This problem could be solved, as well as avoiding its occurrence, with good postural hygiene habits.

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 20 July 2021

Physically inactive and sitting work, like so many others in our time, ends up causing back pain if proper prevention is not done. A third of sick leaves are caused by problems linked to the lack of ergonomics in the workplace. To solve this problem, it would be enough to sit correctly in front of the monitor and to maintain a good posture at the level of the keyboard and the mouse, which would avoid the most frequent pains like those of the back, neck and shoulders.

Pain in these parts of the body is made worse by other consequences of poor posture in the workplace, such as neck and spine deformities, which can lead to illnesses such as back pain. Joint and tendon problems due to use of the keyboard and movement of the wrist towards the mouse. And, the direct impact that this has on the productivity of the employee, either because of the decrease in performance caused by the pain, or, directly, by the inability to perform their work which results in a work stoppage.

WellWo provides companies with doses of ergonomics and postural hygiene, from physiotherapists and professionals in the sciences of physical activity and sport, in video format. Professionals offer tools, explained step by step and with visual indications, so that employees learn to improve posture and thus prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

In addition to adopting good ergonomics at work, there are more factors that influence and promote good body posture: Being aware of the position of our body in all daily actions, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight. For all these components that enhance ergonomics, the WellWo platform includes various programs and audiovisual supports to be broadcast and practices that meet the needs of the employee to enjoy integral health.

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